Statement: Condemning Bigotry

The Jewish Federation of Madison stands opposed to the Federal appointment of all individuals who spread, perpetuate, or advocate bigotry in any form. Bigotry -- including anti-Semitism, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, sexism, gender-identity phobia , and xenophobia -- has no place in our society and in the government of the United States. Nor is it defensible for government officials to permit ambiguity regarding their views on bigotry to persist, as ambiguity can often be interpreted as providing tacit support for groups that support these views. Our country’s founding declaration affirms that all people are created equal, and we call upon President-elect Trump to require all of his appointees to adhere to this fundamental American principle.

In addition, we call on members of the Senate to exercise care in their scrutiny of those nominees who come before them, and to uphold America’s founding values in their confirmation votes. We call on the news media to focus on substance by probing the biases and explicating the policy implications of proposed or approved members of the new administration.

One of the central values of Judaism, Tikkun Olam, directs us to “repair the world,” working toward a just, fair, and caring society. As Jews, we have a long memory and know too well what happens in our ailing world when marginalized people become targets and scapegoats. We call on all in our community to raise our voices to condemn bigotry, no matter the source, whenever and where ever it occurs. From a bigoted joke or comment to outright words and acts of hate – call people out on it, condemn it, and challenge it. And let us stay especially vigilant against its encroachment into our public discourse, even into our government.


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