Todah Rabah & B'Hatzlacha to Ellen Weismer

As another camp summer comes to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Ellen Weismer, Camp Shalom Director, for her leadership, hard work, and dedication, exceptionally so this summer with the additional concerns and restrictions due to COVID-19. Ellen started her career at Camp Shalom as Assistant Director of Programming in 1999 during the last summer the camp was held at Olin Park. Over the next 22 years, she held many different and important positions as a staff member of the Jewish Federation of Madison. Ellen taught at Gan HaYeled Preschool, Midrasha Hebrew High School, and Chug Ivrit. She took on the role of Community Educator, and she became the Director of Bogrim in its first year. In 2012 she became the Jewish Federation of Madison's Program Director, supervising all of the programs mentioned above and starting school break camps. In 2016 Ellen transitioned to summer Director at Camp Shalom and, in 2017, became the year-round Camp Shalom Director, her current position.

With this long history together, it goes without saying that the Jewish Federation of Madison and Ellen Weismer are quite intertwined. For many of us, when we think of the organization, it's fond thoughts of Ellen that come to mind. So, it is with mixed emotions that we share that Ellen is leaving her position as Camp Shalom Director to pursue new and exciting professional adventures. We will miss her incredible personality, energy, creativity, skill, leadership, passion for Jewish life, love of community, and friendship. We wish her the best on her journey ahead.

A Farewell Message from Ellen
After 22 summers at camp and working for the Jewish Federation of Madison, I am moving on to new opportunities and adventures. I have learned so much about leadership and community through my work at the Federation. And as the poster that hangs on the wall in the Camp Shalom office says "Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Camp Shalom: Even in the midst of change, some things will always stay the same - ending the day in a circle of friends is still the best way, and Camp Shalom will always be a special place for you and all of us." Thank you to the preschoolers, students, families, staff, co-workers, volunteers, and campers, who have helped me be my best self!

To Send A Note To Ellen
For those of you wanting to send personal wishes to Ellen, you can email her through August 31 at