UPDATE 6/18: The Pool Will Not Be Open This Weekend

Below is a letter sent via email to members this morning explaining the current situation with the pool repairs and delayed opening.

Good morning everyone,
We apologize that this update did not go out Thursday night as originally intended. We were waiting and hoping that Friday morning would bring better news.

Unfortunately, we continue to be met with unprecedented issues surrounding the pool and will not be able to open this weekend as hoped. Please know that we are doing our very best to resolve these issues as quickly as possible given that all are out of our control and require us to rely on outside help. ​

The good news is that the leak in our filtration system was patched on Monday, June 14, and seems to be holding. This is huge! If it didn't hold, we would likely be closed for the summer. The not-so-good news is since turning on the pool motors on June 16, we have been dealing with problems maintaining the proper water balance required for licensing and the safety of you, our members. Part of this issue is attributed to an antiquated automatic chemical controller which keeps shutting off due to mechanical issues, the other part is that we have two-year-old chlorine, which has no sanitization value. We cannot have our chlorine tanks filled with new chlorine until the old is gone. With the chemical controller constantly failing (which translates to turning itself off), it is not emptying out the old chlorine fast enough. Without proper chlorine levels in the pool, the water is the same as in your bathtub, only on a much larger scale and with more people. We could not begin getting rid of the old chlorine until we were able to turn on our motors this past week.

We are looking to have a new chemical controller installed, which will help feed the chlorine more consistently and efficiently, thus eliminating this latest issue. We will update again on Monday when we can expect that to happen; our goal is next week, fingers crossed.

We are very sorry for this news. Please continue to stay patient with us as we really want to see you this summer!!!

Goodman Aquatic Center Management and Staff