Goodman Aquatic Center Update 7/2

The letter below was sent to members via email about weekday parking, registration, and check-in.

Good morning everyone!
It feels like it might finally be summer at GAC!!! It has been so great to see soooo many people. Looking forward to getting to know everyone by name...the one nice thing about being membership only this summer.

A couple of things...

1. Parking on Weekdays (Monday - Friday)
Please do not park in a numbered stall in the parking lot before 4:05 pm. Camp Shalom uses these numbered spots for a very intricate drop-off and pick-up system that they developed to accommodate the large number of campers not taking a bus this year due to Covid concerns. Yes, this might mean being a few minutes late to a lap swim or open swim session, but it is 5 minutes, and it will save you a giant headache in the end. If you do happen to arrive before 4:05 pm, you may park in a grassy spot in the parking area, not along the side of the driveway or circle.

2. Registration
Yes, it is cumbersome and a pain, to be honest. We know, and we are sorry. However, it is the system we are using this summer, so we need to make the most out of it. We've used this system for camp for a couple of years now, and it works well. We did not know how it would work for the pool, but because we already subscribed to it (paid for), it didn't make financial sense to subscribe to another one, especially if we do not end up using a reservation system in future summers. It is very important that you sign up for a session because we do not have a full lifeguard staff this summer. We need to be able to keep an eye on how many people sign up so we know we can more than adequately and safely provide the best care for everyone.

3. Check-In
When you check-in at the front window, please do so with your first name first, then your last name, of all people in your family. This is how the system generates our list; not by last names (and it can't be changed...we've tried many things to change that). However, we are able to alphabetize the list by your first name, so that helps us a bit in trying to be efficient in getting you checked in.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We are really trying to streamline all the changes this summer as much as possible and are very grateful for everyone's understanding and cooperation! You are such a great group of members!!!

Goodman Aquatic Center Staff