Welcome New Camp Shalom Noar-Bogrim (NOBO) Director

We are thrilled to announce that Stephanie Taylor has joined the Jewish Federation of Madison staff team as the Director of Camp Shalom's Noar-Bogrim (NOBO)! Please join us in welcoming Stephanie.

A note of introduction from Stephanie:
Hello! My name is Stephanie Taylor, and I'm so excited to spend this coming summer as the new Director of Noar-Bogrim (NOBO). I'm busy learning all the ins and outs of camp life here at Camp Shalom/NOBO! I'm honored to have this opportunity for many reasons, one being that I truly believe camp is such an amazing part of a young adult's life. I know from experience that campers and counselors have the opportunity to learn skills such as leadership, independence, self-esteem, healthy conflict resolution, and teamwork - all while having fun in an active and beautiful environment.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where camp is a very popular summer choice. My younger years were spent at a day camp, like Camp Shalom, until I was old enough to go to sleepover camp for many years. At Camp Chippewa in Eagle River, WI, I was a camper, CIT, and a counselor. Some of my best friends to this day are the friends I've made at camp. I have three children, two of whom still attend the Jewish Federation of Madison's preschool, Gan HaYeled. And I'm thrilled to be working with NOBO and Camp Shalom, another amazing program of the Federation here in Madison.

As a Social Worker who has worked with many different populations, most recently refugees at Jewish Social Services, I consider myself to be a very empathetic and approachable leader. I'm familiar with Camp Shalom through my children and some of the staff I already know, and I can't wait to spend my first summer at camp and learn more about the unique culture at NOBO. I plan to carry on with well-loved and important camp traditions already in place - and hope to create new experiences where appropriate and desired.

I also want to reassure you that I'm working very closely with Lisa, who ran an amazing program at NOBO for the last 10 years as the Director and has such invaluable experience. She is generously sharing her time with me to help me get set for my first summer as the Director so that this transition can be as seamless as possible. I feel very grateful that I have so many dedicated and long-time Camp Shalom and NOBO staff around to help me navigate this coming summer. I am really looking forward to this adventure and to serving the Madison community with the best possible camp experience!

Please feel free to reach out to say hi or if you have any questions at all!

Campingly yours,
Stephanie Taylor