Shalom Madison: Welcoming New & Existing Residents


Whether you're new to Madison, considering moving to our community or an existing resident in search of information - let us be your guide. Our outreach services will connect you to the community resources you are looking for.


Contact: (608) 278-1808 or


Welcome Package

If you’re new to the Madison Jewish community we’d like to welcome you and offer you our free Shalom Madison package. The Shalom Madison packages are filled with lots of useful information about our community, including a copy of our Guide to Jewish Madison, a copy of the Madison Jewish News, brochures about our programs and services, a free daily pass to our Goodman Aquatic Center, and information about Madison’s congregations and organizations. Much of this information is also available online in our Community Directory.


Please call (608) 278-1808 or email to let us know when we can call or schedule a meetup to welcome you personally with a Shalom Madison package.


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