Volunteer Opportunities



Contact info@jewishmadison.org or (608) 278-1808, if you are interested in helping with the following committees:


Camp Shalom Day Camp - Meets in the evening. Recommends policies and program as well as assisting in the implementation of activities.


Future Directions (Leadership Development Program) - Meets once or twice before the program begins to plan the sessions for the year. Committee members should have interest in or experience with leadership training.


Hava Nagila Community Picnic - Meets in the winter and spring to plan the picnic. Committee members help on the day of the picnic as well which takes place in the summer.


Jewish Education Panel - Oversees all Jewish education programs which receive funds from the Jewish Federation of Madison. Plans or recommends innovative or new programs. Meets as needed.


Midrasha Hebrew High School - Meets on Wednesday nights during the academic year at Midrasha. Recommends policy and program.


Teacher Training - Meets as needed to plan teacher training opportunities. Plans the Teachers’ Convention which takes place once a year.


Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) - Meets a few times a year. Conducts the annual program and other programs and activities commemorating, memorializing and educating about the Holocaust.


If you are interested in helping with the following committees please contact the email addresses listed below:


Financial Resource Development/Campaign - Meets monthly. Strategizes, plans and conducts the annual fund raising campaign and campaign related activities for the Jewish Federation of Madison. If you have an interest in relationship building and a passion for Jewish philanthropy please contact Executive Director at executivedirector@jewishmadison.org or (608) 278-1808


Gan HaYeled Preschool - Recommends policy and program for the preschool. Contact Director at gan@jewishmadison.org


Israel/Shlichim/Shlichut Committee – Meets as needed. Helps the Israel Program Coordinator with programming. Contact israel@jewishmadison.org


Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) - Meets once a year to plan the annual program commemorating the founding of the State of Israel. Committee members help out the day of the event as well. Contact israel@jewishmadison.org



If you are interested in helping with the following committees please contact the email addresses listed below or check the event volunteer sign up link where provide:


Hava Nagila Jewish Community Picnic (Summer) - Prepare food, welcome guests, help run a table, run kids/family games and activities, set-up and clean-up. Contact info@jewishmadison.org or (608) 278-1808​


Community Purim Carnival (Late winter/early spring) - Help run a booth, sell food, set-up/clean-up, bake hamantashen. Contact info@jewishmadison.org or (608) 278-1808​


Tzedakah Sunday, Campaign (September) - make phone calls, stuff envelopes, help run activities on Tzedakah Sunday for the Open House. Contact executivedirector@jewishmadison.org or (608) 278-1808​


Campaign Kick-off Event (September) - baking or helping prep food before the event, help with set-up, welcoming guests, clean-up. contact executivedirector@jewishmadison.org or (608) 278-1808​


Yom Ha’Atzmaut - Help with set-up and clean-up, welcome guests, run activities. Contact israel@jewishmadison.org

  • Community Purim Carnival

    Filling, folding, baking and packaging hamantashen for the Community Purim Carnival

  • Hanukkah Tzedakah Night

    Lots of laughs running the photo booth

  • Hava Nagila Community Picnic

    Serving delicious food with a smile