Board of Directors 2021-2022


Officers and Executive Committee

President: Joe Shumow

Vice Presidents: Sasha Kerlow (first), Dan Weiss (second)

General Secretary: Lainie Minkoff

Treasurer: Rob Roquitte

Assistant Treasurers: Livia Asher, Zach Galin

At-Large: Fred Gants, Ann Imig, Joel Minkoff, Diane Seder, Marc Shovers, Jeremy Tunis

Immediate Past President: Deborah Minkoff


Board Members: Livia Asher, Carousel Bayrd, Douglas Berry, Randy Blumenstein, Melanie Cohen, Jennie Edes-Pierotti, Zach Galin, Fred Gants, Yolanda Gorman, Ann Imig, Carly Jacobson, Sari Judge, Sasha Kerlow, Amy Krauthamer-Maloney, Steven Lipton, Ron Luskin, Josh Medow, Deborah Minkoff, Joel Minkoff, Lainie Minkoff, Sarah Minkoff, Yaron Nili, Judy Pierotti, Linda Reivitz, Rob Roquitte, Diane Seder, Marc Shovers, Stav Shtekel, Joe Shumow, Jesse Sondel, Robyn Sperling, Jeremy Tunis, Dina Weinbach, Dan Weiss, and Nan Youngerman


Honorary: Hannah Rosenthal, Frances Weinstein


Executive Director Emeritus: Steven H. Morrison


​Ex-Officio: Rabbi Jonathan Biatch (Temple Beth El), Rabbi Betsy Forester (Beth Israel Center), Alan Klugman (Jewish Federation of Madison), Rabbi Yona Matusof (Chabad of Madison), Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman (Congregation Shaarei Shamayim)


Past Presidents: Kathy Blumenfeld, William Haus, Mark Laufman, Deborah Minkoff, Joel Minkoff, Thomas Palay, Lester Pines, Alicia Schiff, Judith Schreiber, Diane Seder, Marc Shovers, James Stein, Gerald Stewart, Marjorie Tobias, James Youngerman


Committee and Panel Chairs

Administration and Personnel Panel: Fred Gants

Budget and Finance Committee: Zach Galin and Rob Roquitte

Campaign Cabinet and Outreach Committee 2021: Fred Gants and Sasha Kerlow

Camp Shalom Committee: Josh Davidson

Communications Committee: Ben Weismer

Community Relations Committee: Marc Shovers

Gan HaYeled Committee: Robyn Sperling

Goodman Campus Committee: Joel Minkoff

Jewish Education Panel: Lainie Minkoff

Leadership and Board Development: TBA

Local Agencies and Services Panel: Dina Weinbach

Midrasha Committee: Ann Imig and Amy Krauthamer-Maloney

Nominating Committee: Dan Weiss

Overseas and National Panel: Stav Shtekel

Yom HaShoah Committee: Livia Asher

  • Board of Directors

    We are so thankful for all that we are able to accomplish together with your commitment and leadership for our community and its future. (Pictured: 2019/2020 Jewish Federation of Madison Board of Directors elected at our 79th Annual Meeting, our last in-person annual meeting pre-COVID).