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12 2018

Lechayim Lunchtime Plus (JSS)

11:30AM - 2:00PM  

Beth Israel Center
1406 Mound Street
Madison, WI 53711

Community Event


12 2018

Ivrit Kallah - Adult Hebrew Lessons (JFM)

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

Max Weinstein Jewish Community Building
6434 Enterprise Lane
Madison, WI 53719-1117

Jewish Federation of Madison Event


12 2018

The Hitchhikers - Israeli Filmmakers (UW Hillel, JFM)

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

UW Hillel
611 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53703

Community Event


12 2018

Communication: Its Art and Soul (Chabad)

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Lussier Community Center
55 S. Gammon Rd.
Madison, WI 53717

Community Event


BIC - Beth Israel Center

CJS - Center for Jewish Studies

CSS - Congregation Shaarei Shamayim

GHY - Gan HaYeled Preschool

JCSJ - Jewish Congregations for Social Justice

JFM - Jewish Federation of Madison

JSS - Jewish Social Services

TBE - Temple Beth El

YJP - Young Jewish Professionals (A Chabad Affiliate)