Announcing 2021 Annual Tzedakah Campaign Co-Chairs

We are delighted to announce our 2021 Annual Tzedakah Campaign co-chairs - Fred Gants and Sasha Kerlow.

Madison’s Jewish Federation has always been known for a level of service and activity that rivals much larger communities. In addition to the support we provide to our local beneficia…

Welcome New Office Manager

The Jewish Federation of Madison is thrilled to announce that Lauren Siech has joined our staff team in the position of Office Manager!

A note of introduction from Lauren:
"I grew up in Highland Park, IL, and I moved to Madison for school. I studied Spanish and Community & Environmental So…

Rosh Hashanah – The Holiday of Togetherness

By Hanna Bloch and Oz Bin-Nun, Community Shlichim

The Little Sister - Ahot Ketannah (אחות קטנה) is a piyut of eight stanzas sung in the Sephardic ritual before the evening service of Rosh Hashanah.

The chorus runs "May the year end with her curses!" ("תכלה שנה וקללו…

Why Register Your Teen for Midrasha?

“ATTENDING Midrasha for the past five years has had a tremendous impact on me. I never could have predicted how much the program would allow me to grow as a Jewish person.” ~ Illana Greenspan, Midrasha graduate ‘20

“LEARNING from strong Jewish leaders of all walks of life has give…

Goodman Aquatic Center Update 7/2

The letter below was sent to members via email about weekday parking, registration, and check-in.

Good morning everyone!
It feels like it might finally be summer at GAC!!! It has been so great to see soooo many people. Looking forward to getting to know everyone by name...the one nice thing…