From Our Rabbis

Purim – When We Became Jews

By Rabbi Avremel Matusof

The word Jew (Yehudi in Hebrew) is a derivative of the name Judah (Yehudah), Jacob's fourth son; calling someone by this name would seemingly imply that the person is a descendant of that particular tribe. However, Jacob had twelve sons, progenitors of the Twelve Tr…

Celebrating Black History Month as A Spiritual Practice

By Rabbi Renée Bauer

February is Black History Month. The month is celebrated with lectures, events at school, and enjoyment of music by Black artists. I would like to suggest that celebrating Black History Month can be a spiritual practice.

Most of us who were raised in this country lear…

Executive Orders Aren’t Enough

By Rabbi Bonnie Margulis

Immigrant rights. Health care. Global warming. Racial equity. COVID-19 relief. Abortion Rights. LGBTQ+ rights. Criminal justice reform. Fair housing. Tribal rights. Workers’ rights. What do all of these issues have in common? They have all been the subject of one …

Planting the Seeds of Change

By Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman

The following story is often told on Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year for the Trees:

One day Honi the Circle Maker was journeying on the road and saw a man planting a carob tree. He asked him, “How long will it take for this tree to bear fruit?”

The man rep…

The Positive Power of Prayer

By Rabbi Jonathan Biatch

In a world filled with secular talk, profane speech, senseless intention, and immoral action, it was somewhat refreshing to see that the 'positive power of prayer' has again made headlines.

In her opening statement recently to the US Senate Judiciary Committee hear…